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the only dedicated contract brewery and beverage production facility in the Western United States. Catering to the craft community, we offer approachable production sizes, a variety of packaging options and a personal level of customer service unique to the industry



We are the first and only dedicated contract brewery West of the Mississippi. Located in central Denver along Interstate 25, we are not only an excellent option for the Rocky Mountain region but for all of the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Southwest/Texas as the closest contract brewery. Furthermore, our location affords a strategic geographical advantage to Eastern/Midwestern/Southern brands currently distributing or looking to expand distribution to the West.

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Customer Service

Too often contract brewing leaves customers feeling dissatisfied. Whether brewing at traditional packaging brewing where your products are competing with the house brands for tank space and attention or brewing at a large factory out of touch with the craft world, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Customer service is a cornerstone of Sleeping Giant’s ethos and paramount to our identity. Your beer is our beer.



There is no single focus of greater importance than quality at Sleeping Giant. We want you to be proud of your relationship with us, and in turn, we want to be proud of our relationship with you. We are not a factory willing to throw anything in a bottle to generate business. To this end, we have invested heavily in our team, lab, and QA/QC program. At the end of the day, your success is our success and we refuse to provide you with finished beer that falls short of your expectations.  Our team is equally capable of consistently producing a product exactly to your specifications as we are eager to work with you to improve a recipe that you think needs a tweak. For us, quality always comes first, and it shows in every product that leaves our dock.





With a current capacity of 75,000BBL and future capacity of 175,000BBL, Sleeping Giant is designed to grow with you. Already built out to accommodate future growth, we’re able to keep pace with even your most rapidly expanding business.


Sleeping Giant is pleased to provide a wide array of packaging options for anything you can dream up. With in-house canning, bottling, and kegging lines we can pack your product into everything from timeless 6 pack glass to a unique fiberboard wrapped 18 pack of cans.


Sleeping Giant is the home of the first Meura Craft Jr. mash filter press brewhouse system in the world. With 170 years of production history to their name, Meura can boast that more than 25% of the world’s beer is produced on their equipment. Sleeping Giant adds to that total thanks to the cutting-edge technology provided by Meura. State of the art equipment is found throughout our facility such as a KHS keg line and pharmaceutical grade clean room housing our rotary counter pressure can filler. 

Supply Chain

Taking supply chain woes off of your plate is just one of the value adds that is standard with our business. Through utilization of large economies of scale, not only do we eliminate your need to source your own raw and packaging goods but we are able to save you money while doing so. We are a true turn key model and can help with every facet of your supply chain needs. 


From wort production through packaged goods, every batch produced at Sleeping Giant is subjected to rigorous quality control and analysis. Our in-house laboratory hosts a breadth of technology including the analytical power of GC/MS, the biological sensitivity of PCR, and physical uniformity given by a full suite of Anton-Paar equipment. Your product is warrantied to be within specification and free of microbial contamination, a promise upheld by providing you with QA/QC reports from every step of the process.


Flexibility is paramount to your business and that’s another area where our mash filter press and dedicated contract facility play to this strength. Able to brew much more quickly than a traditional lauter-based system, we were able to downsize our brewhouse to accommodate your smallest seasonal run, yet have the speed to produce enough to keep up with the production of your flagship. With a range of fermenter sizes and packaging options, we provide the flexibility that the craft market demands. 

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